Poesía de amor en inglés


It was dark ...
Only ray of light in your eyes.
You taught me to breathe
and your insides caressed my fragile body.
He dreamed of colors
and I imagined beautiful,
were nine months in a pink world.
I grew up in a little with your warmth
feed me with your touch
and words of love.
Reached when
would meet,
was very sheltered
in fear of losing ...
It was light
a February morning,
Mom there was you
so wonderful and so sweet
as I had imagined.
I learned with the passage of time
and in my wanderings dangerous
of each of your advice
rated in each act
of my nineteen years
and dreaming each time
that I am away,
with your words
involving my experiences
and cow fears
of my youth."

Escrito por Zayn Malik en Poesía de amor en inglés

"you may ask me who i like
i like the person who loves me and protects me
and that person is you"

Escrito por janice rodriguez en Poesía de amor en inglés

"Friends that give you strength
When you feel that you get lost,
those who tend the hand
When are you depressed.

They are those that give you that energy
When you feel depressed,
they clean the air you breathe,
When you\\\'re feeling defeated.

That with a big smile
they give the strength that you need,
they are such dear friends
the brothers of our life."

Escrito por Scarlett Gomez Dupeyron en Poesía de amor en inglés
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